Felker TS-40 Rubi Tile Cutter

Cutting floor tiles should not be a hard job if your using the Felker TS-40 Rubi Tile Cutter. It is a professional tile cutter that features a built in separator that cuts maximum length of 17 inches. Its arrangement steel designed to reinforced maximum durability and rigidity.

And the operating principle behind the design is the double walled anti-shock ability to control cut by keeping the tile stationary and lowering vibration from the blade. It makes a series of steady slow cuts working deeper into the tile body with each cut.

Felker TS-40 Rubi Tile Cutter Features and Specifications

  • Has a built in separator with a maximum 9/16 inch separating capacity
  • Only weighs 18.2 lbs
  • Includes scoring wheel punching tool
  • Double walled anti-shock design
  • High performance single-point breaker
  • \Chromed and rectified steel guides, with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Diagonal cutting capacity
  • \Direct vision of the scoring and cutting line

Felker TS-40 Rubi Tile Cutter Reviews

One customer said he’s been using the Felker TS-40 Rubi Tile Cutter for 10 long years! It is very durable and heavy duty. It was very easy to use and cuts could be made very quickly. If you need and easy to use and durable cutter, this cutter is the best cutter by far.

One customer stated that it’s the best tile cutter out there. He’s been setting tiles for 7 years now and and have ran across cheaper tile cutters that are a lot heavier and harder to maneuver. But this Felker TS-40 Rubi Tile Cutter is a top notch and is worth every penny that you pay for it and will cut your installation time significantly.

Felker TS-40 Rubi Tile Cutter is an amazing deal in Amazon right now. Hurry! It’s the best one out there!